The Indescribable gift – Part 1



Some times in the hustle and bustle of our lives we would have turned around to that some one, may be our family or friend in a desperate situation. Being honest with ourselves we can conclude that there have been times when we have intently looked to a higher being.  Many of us would call the higher being as God or some others would refer to the higher being as a force or super intelligence. We would have looked to God or this super intelligence at the lows of our life than at the highs.

Think about the times we faced desperate situations beyond the ordinary which we did not know how to handle. Uncertainty, sickness, hurts and wounds, broken hearts, and other in explainable situations.   But still life had to go on. At such times we did turn to God or at least think about that super power. Had so many a questions but when finally unanswered, we left it all to destiny.

There is in every man a desire to know God, put there by the Creator Himself. It is only when man comes to the knowledge of His Creator that his heart is at peace and rest within himself.  There is this void in the soul of every man. No amount of money, fame, power or position would satisfy this craving and longing in man.  After having pursued and possessed many of these, one only discovers that they were all a mirage, elusive, still leaving a void on the inside. Not satisfying the craving of the soul.

But today let me tell you, in this time of knowledge explosion and the age of the Internet, that God is still in control.  If then God decided the time when life had to be sent to the womb, then today also it is God who decides the time to send life into the womb. All this happens irrespective of the advances in Medical science. Nothing happens without God’s express permission.

Now we all know about Gandhiji for we have read and heard so much about him.  But we do not know him personally.  But it is possible to know your God. It is possible to have a close and personal relationship with Him.  For He is a God of hope, He is a God who can turn around situations and return to you in double measure what you have lost.  He is a God who ‘LOVES YOU’.  Irrespective of your state today He loves you and cares for you.  He is a God of the TURN AROUND.  He is your God who makes the impossible , possible.

It is about this Unknown God that I desire to write to you.  He has the power to erase your slate of life and start over afresh.  It happens today in this age also, for God never changes.  Meaning and purpose in life, cleansing of your soul, Everything new, Its all in HIM.   Read on……….

The Indescribable Gift  – Part 2/10