Pray for INDIA

LET HIS GLORY FALL-  HAA-LEE-LUU-III-YAAdf6dc-11084959_691288557647412_1367225453_n1.jpg

In the midst of the darkness,India Arise,  Arise India!   LORD, Let your glory fall.

INDIA (Esther 1:1) OH! INDIA (Esther 8:9)  your time has come for the sweeping hand of the Lord to come upon you, for the Son of God to destroy all the works of the devil. INDIA no matter the darkness, you will SHINE. The BLOOD OF THE LAMB will prevail over shed blood and the sacrificed blood of animals, the gospel will be preached, broken hearts will be healed, Captives will be set free, the blind will see again, the oppressed will be liberated and the soon coming of Jesus Christ will be preached till the trumpet sounds. LORD, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in INDIA.  This is the royal decree. Amen and Amen.


In the June of 2016 I received a song from the Lord and  it was the shortest time that I had taken to complete a song. The song included the above scripture from Hab 2:14. The coming Sunday I sang the new song in Church.  It was in the latter part of the year that I heard the Prophets of God say,  that June 2016 was the month –  the glory of God had  begun to be released all over the world. It was thrilling to note this. Amen 









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