Reflections *8 – Keep your eyes upon JESUS

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Mine eyes are upon thee, Oh Lord!
My heart sings a melody
The winds they blow
The raging of the sea But mine eyes are upon thee

Every work that the Holy Spirit begins in our life, He is able to bring to completion. Matthew 14th chapter records the incident of the Lord walking on the water. Peter was the only man who was able to walk on the water. It is a marvelous feat and ever since we have not heard or read about any such instances happening anywhere around the world.

Here we read that the Lord was walking on the water and Peter also desired to and started to walk on the water as the Lord called Him. Now how long was he able to walk on the water? Till the time His eyes were on the Lord, Peter walked on the water. When his eyes shifted from the Lord to the rough winds, then he started to sink. Let us learn our lessons from this practical demonstration. As we walk in faith we must develop the habit of looking unto the Lord and willfully avoid what circumstances or negative voices around us have to say.

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Looking unto Jesus – Peter walks on water

As we walk on the waters with our eyes fixed upon Jesus, let us praise Him and worship Him with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. Let us be determined only to look to the Lord, having faith on His Word and He will complete the good work that He has begun in our lives.

We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, and not on the circumstances.

Prayer: Loving Heavenly Father, Help and save me in every difficult situation.  I pray that you will sustain and not allow my foot to slip. I pray that I will, continually keep my eyes upon you no matter what the situation. Help me to continue to seek you every day in prayer and in the reading of your Word. In Jesus name I pray.

Keep your eyes upon Jesus – whether calm  or troubled sea

Reflections *7 – JESUS – The Author of our faith

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Our faith begins with Jesus
Jesus is the author of our faith

In the book of Matthew 8: 5 onwards we read about a Centurion whose servant was paralyzed and in terrible pain. A Centurion is a leader of one hundred soldiers. He was a man under authority. He pleaded with the Lord Jesus for the healing of his servant. Even though the Lord was willing to go to his house to heal the servant, the Centurion had faith that if the Lord would ‘only speak a word’ his servant would be healed. The Lord granted his request and commended the great faith of the Centurion. The Lord sent His Word and the Centurions servant was healed.

You may be in a pressing crowd, or alone at home, your faith will not go unnoticed by God. This kind of faith pleases the Lord and releases heavenly blessings on our life. Today all that we need is ‘a word from the Lord’. A single word from the Lord can change our lives and our future. A single word from God can impact and change a nation. The Centurion shifted his eyes from a hopeless situation to a place of hope – which is the Lord Jesus. In the same way do not focus on the situation at hand, or on your failures and get depressed, but today as you read this email, arise and lift your eyes expectantly to the Lord Jesus and call out to Him. He will send you that one word that can bring healing, deliverance and victory in your life. Hallelujah!

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Prayer: Loving Heavenly Father, Many a times I have forgotten to say. Thank you, but today I thank you with all my heart for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for my job, family, friends, good health and the hope I have in thee. Today I pray that you will send your word from Heaven which can bring healing to my body and soul. Fill me with your heavenly joy and  peace. In the unfailing name of JESUS I pray. Amen. 

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*Reflections – Repost of earlier writings.

Reflections *6 – Changing your mindset


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To change your handset
All you would need is money
But to change your mindset?
Hmmm! Let us talk about it

There were three believers. They all had faced difficult situations, temptations, struggles and victories in their lives. They carry the memories of these difficult situations in a bag hung on their back called ‘BURDENS’. All the victories were hung in a bag on their chest called VICTORIES’. Let us see how each one faces life.

Having had many failures, the first believer often remembers his failures. He thinks he will not be successful anymore. Fear of the unknown rules his heart. He has lost all hope and is depressed. He worries about the future and has no will to carry on, He always ponders on his past failures. ‘I did not study well, I lost my job, I fell sick and so on. Now what will I do. He is unable to progress in life and is stationary. His ‘BURDENS’ bag is so full that it pulls him backwards. His ‘VICTORIES’ bag is empty. He is blinded by the devil and has forgotten his position in Jesus Christ as a believer. He has a defeated mindset.

The second believer also had failures in life like the first believer, but amidst this he also trusts in God. He carries some of his old burdens and sorrows with him. His “BURDENS’ bag is half full and he has got some victories. He goes ahead and makes some progress. He has got a progressive mindset.

"The Sword of The Spirit" by Ron DiCianni.

Sword of the Spirit – Word of GOD

The third believer has also had failures in life like the other believers. But now he has chosen to completely trust in God. He keeps His faith on God and always looks ahead to the Lord Jesus. He spends every moment Thanking and Praising God. He prays and reads the Bible, seriously. He has cut his ‘BURDENS bag at the bottom and everything that is put there falls out. His VICTORIES’ victories bag is full and under the weight of that bag he is pulled forward to more victories. He runs ahead to more victories in Jesus Christ. His ‘BURDENS’ bag is empty. He has got a victorious mindset.

How do we renew our mindset? The Bible speaks in Rom 12:2 about renewing our mind. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Don’t you want to renew your mindset ? Yes, we all want a renewed mindset. As you read and meditate on the Bible the Holy Spirit works in you and renews your mind. Everything has a beginning. To go towards victory one has to start today. Today let us break free from everything that holds us back. In Jesus name, today you can overcome a defeated mindset which God has not intended for you. Let us receive a victorious mindset that God wants us to have.

Prayer: Loving, Heavenly Father. As I read you Word please let my mind be renewed.  Let your Holy Spirit work in my life. I yield to your ways and to your will. Lead me to become all that you created me for. Let me do all that you want me to do each day. I thank you for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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*Reflections – Repost of earlier writings.

Reflections* 5 – Faith – Stir it up


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The unseen comes into existence
The unseen comes to exist in the natural
When you are in F-A-I-T-H
When you are in a state of expectancy
When you are expecting from God.

The Bible says in Heb 11:6
So, you see, it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that there is a God and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

When we are in faith we are in a state of divine expectancy. We are expecting from God,

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Stir up your FAITH

an answer to our prayer. So to please God our heart and mind must always be in a state of expectancy from God. We must be in this state of looking heavenward and waiting for an answer. Remember your first day at office, or the time you waited for your children’s examination results, or when you waited for the vacations, to take a trip back to your homes –  then you were in a state of expectancy. In the same way, as we are in this state of expectancy towards God, then He is pleased with us and our answers to our prayers is on the way.

In our current world, society and circumstances which prevent us from looking towards God, what is it that can keep us in such a state of expectancy? It is the Bible, the Word of God which adds fuel to our hearts and mind and keeps us always looking unto Jesus. As we get together with other believers, it is a blessing. As we have our family prayers, it is a blessing for us.

When we read His Word, when we ponder over what we have read, when we discuss it with some one, when we sing a song of praise to the Lord or when we pray, then we keep our faith alive and are in divine expectancy from God. Then, the moment you receive something from God, share it with the person next to you, speak about it, call a friend, shout it aloud. In this manner your can glorify His name. So be expecting from God who is never in short supply, but has good gifts for His children. Today and always. 

Prayer:  Loving, Heavenly Father. No matter what the situation, let me always keep my heart and mind on you. For with you Lord nothing is impossible. I commit all my needs and the prayers that I have been praying. Today I believe that you are able to do, all that I have asked for and much more. Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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Mustard seed Faith

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Dynamic Faith